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Helping you build our world for over 60 years!

Mobile Drill Intl manufactures a full line of drill rigs and tooling servicing the Geotechnical, Environmental, Mineral Exploration, Water Well and Seismic industries. MDI is structured to not only be a supplier for our customers, but also a resource to assist you with the growth of your business. MDI manufactures both mechanical and hydraulic driven drills  along with an extensive inventory of sampling tooling – with shipments going out globally each day.

Why Wait?

To help our customers move quickly, avoid down time, and take advantage of short term opportunities without the capital outlay for new equipment, MDI keeps floor inventory of new and refurbished rigs available for rent. The drills are also available for purchase, allowing you to obtain a rig immediately without the wait usually required for new drilling equipment. MDI understands that many of our customers prefer to utilize used drilling equipment. To service this market, MDI provides refurbished drills from the OEM with warranty and after-the-sale service and assistance with financing. We proudly maintain the staff and equipment to provide you with qualified MDI technicians for the repair, reconditioning, or refurbishing of your current equipment.

MDI's wide array of products and services allows our customers the efficiency of one stop shopping. This allows us the opportunity to truly learn our customers’ unique needs and focus our efforts on assisting them with their growth and success.

We are committed to a strong after-the-sale relationship, viewing each sale as a lifetime commitment to that customer and that drill. We understand that many challenges are unique to you and your situation. That's why one of our biggest priorities is getting to know you – to understand your business, your goals, and your challenges. This allows our team to apply its extensive knowledge and expertise to providing solutions that work for you.

We Proudly Serve These Industries and More:
Geotechnical * Foundation * Mineral Exploration
Geothermal * Seismic * Environmental * Water Well

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The Mobile B48 has been the international standard for the geotechnical market for 40+ years. Designed for angle drilling, the B48 is capable of hollow stem auger, continuous flight auger, diamond core auger, and rotary drilling.

  •   Environmental • Geotechnical • Mineral Exploration • Rotary
  •   10-speed rotary head: 8,611 ft-lb [11,675 Nm] of torque and 856 rpm
  •   Pulldown Force: 16,200 lbs [7,348.2 kg]
  •   Retract Force: 24,000 lbs [10,886.2 kg]
  •   Sized for mounting on a variety of carriers to provide go – anywhere versatility
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